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At Cherrytree Picture Framers in Derby we like to offer our customers lots of picture framing ideas. There are a variety of frames on display in our shop and also pictures of them here on our website. So if you’re looking for picture framing inspiration you’ve come to the right place.


By taking a pack of cards and using my imagination, this showcases what a difference the choice of mount and frame can make. The different styles and techniques can be applied to anything that you bring!

In this the Ace of Spades is float mounted over a skull printed background. The frame is boxed to give it depth. This could be used for a photo or looks particularly good for an item with a torn, uneven (deckle) edge.
This has an oversized triple layered mount with a colour combination to compliment the colours in the card. A lovely way to highlight that special item.
This is a red and white double mount spaced in a fan arrangement. Just a bit different from arranging things in a straight line.
In this layout the cards are in a straight line double mount. The numbers are cut from the top grey layer to allow the layer below to show through. How about using this for photos with a special date or name?
The clubs are displayed with a single layer dark grey mount with a second red mat just around the outside edge. The word is a v-groove cut into the mat. Another good layout for photos or any collection of images.


This is another box frame using a deeper moulding to give the depth this time. Just did this fo fun. let your imagination (or mine) run wild.


For more ideas visit our Examples of our Work page.




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